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"Let's quit wasting our hard-earned tax dollars on things like unnecessary election audits, and start rebuilding Arizona!"

I will meet our challenges head-on and fight for a strong economy
and proud future for all Arizonans by:

Fully funding public schools so we can pay our teachers better. Right now, we are 50th in average pay and losing good teachers to other careers and other states. The funding is also needed to maintain our facilities.

Our economic future depends on an education population.

Personal Freedom

Preserving a woman's right to make her own medical decisions with full doctor/patient privacy without legislative interference of her reproductive rights.

Water Security

Developing a comprehensive water plan, that includes surface and groundwater, to secure AZ's future.

Voting Rights

Safeguarding your right to vote and have your vote counted honestly.

Quality Health Care

Providing access to quality health care for all Arizonans.

Gun Safety

Protecting our schools and children with sensible gun safety laws

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